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Serious Shadow Persona 4 asks (Reblog if you want one~ :3)


Shadow Yosuke: Do you often feel bored with where you live?

Shadow Chie: Do you feel jealous of a friend you are incredibly close to?

Shadow Yukiko: Do you often feel trapped inside a cage you can’t seem to get out of?

Shadow Kanji: Are you teased for your hobbies?

Shadow Rise: Do you feel you have to put on a mask for people to like you?

Shadow Teddie: Do you feel like your daily activities feel pointless or empty?

Shadow Naoto: Do you often feel alone or like you don’t have any friends?


» 10 different “I love you”s with Yosuke Hanamura (mostly with Souji) by まよ吉

It’s a little difficult to explain the nuances between each one but here’s what I could do, from left to right, with any included text in brackets.

1. “Love you!” [“Partner~ ♥”]
2. “I love you?” [desperation]
3. “I’ve fallen in love with you.” [“Ah, I messed up.”  Anime Episode 2]
4. “I think I might love you.” (this is very unsure and/or implies a recent realization)
5. “Is it alright if I fall in love with you?”
6. “I think I love you.”  (more certain than 4.)  [“Don’t make me say it…”]
7. “I love you but I didn’t say it.”
8. “I love you so much I’m suffering.” 
9. “I love you!!”  [“If it’s tofu you’ve cooked I’ll eat it all!!”]
10. “I love you.” 

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